Context Matters

Using Molecular CartographyTM to visualize RNA localization at subcellular resolution in intact tissue
Molecular Cartography reveals previously unseen biological insights:
  • Sensitivity

    Using the power of smFISH, Molecular Cartography offers unprecedented sensitivity with close to 100% detection efficiency, enabling the visualization of millions of individual transcripts per sample

  • Resolution

    Molecular Cartography offers diffraction-limited, single-molecule detection, with a resolution of 300nm, providing sub cellular analysis.

  • Integrity

    The sample remains intact throughout the Molecular Cartography assay, allowing further interrogation using immunohistochemistry or labeling of specific cellular structures using fluorescent dyes.

  • Transcriptomic reach

    Rare transcript detection is a core strength of the technology, with a false-positive rate less than 0.5%. The minimum length necessary to target RNA species with high specificity is 500 nucleotides, suitable for short transcripts, including cytokines.