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Discoveries that pave way to advances in science and medicine
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Spatial Biology hub in Europe

Spatial biology is the next frontier in life sciences and beyond. This pioneering field enables the study of the precise cellular architecture of tissues and organs, how cells communicate and cooperate to execute tissue functions, as well as organ development itself. Further more, it allows the interrogation of cells in their native tissue context to disclose important processes in disease, including perturbations in cell-cell interactions. These finding could unravel new mechanisms of homeostatic and disease progression to pave the path to novel treatment modalities and precision medicine. To enable these novel analyses at scale, the European Spatial Biology Center (ESBC NV) has been established in Leuven.

The ESBC will be the center to:

  • Generate and derive novel insights from spatial biology (big) data
  • Drive met science projects and clinical studies
  • Scale spatial technologies developed in the ecosystem
  • Allow networking possibilities for academic and industrial partners across the globe


AT the forefront of the Spatial Biology revolution

The ESBC is here to serve science and the scientist in you – to illuminate biology as never before! We do it by standardising and scaling spatial multi omics technologies. We cater to the needs of both academia and industry.  We enable novel scientific discoveries by providing spatial biology services across biological disciplines, viz. neuro science, oncology, infectious diseases, and crop sciences. Through scale, we aim to under take large projects – whether these are at lasing projects, meta science projects, discovery biology, or clinical trials. 
We are conscious of the fact that scale in sample processing also leads to greater demands in data analytics and interpretation. We won’t leave you in lurch there. We serve you by not only providing the data, but insights!  Although we are based in Europe, we work with scientists across the world. We look forward to working with you through commercial partnerships and public-private partnerships. 


our career paths

Cutting edge spatial solutions for both academia and industry.
Massive data generation for discovery-based data analysis and interpretation.
Training programs and diverse networking opportunities.
Constant scientific exchange and knowledge transfer.

our trusted partners


The European Spatial Biology Center promotes exchange and growth of scientific knowledge via its partnerships.
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